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Self Storages and Mini Storages are one of those few investment properties that you can buy and immediately start having cash flow. With the difficulty in obtaining financing on any type of commercial real estate right now, it is a buyer's market at last. If you are creditworthy and have the capital to invest there are some great storage investments which have immediate 10% plus cap rates and 15% plus cash on cash returns.

If you are like 1000's of current or potential owners of Self Storage and Mini Storage Investments or are looking to get the word out about your product or service, then you have found the best place to:

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I had my listing for a mini storage on your website and I was honestly impressed by the number of calls that I got from qualified buyers that found my listing on your site. You must be advertising in the right places. I've since sold my mini storage listing and I'm currently working a few of these buyers to help them find other mini storage facilities for sale. Thanks for your help.

- Richard Rasmussen
Designated Broker
Sunbelt Business Advisors, LLC.

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Buying a self-storage facility is a lot harder than you think, particularly if you want to make money with it. Over the years, there are some basic traits that separate winning facilities from losers. And that genetic code is hard to break. There are many people who will tell you all about how to buy a self-storage facility, in order to sell you a book, course or boot camp. But they really have ei...
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There is urban legend going around, created by some gurus trying to sell their books, that you can manage an entire self-storage facility from a kiosk basically a walk-up automated teller like an ATM machine. Although the concept of having a robot manage a self-storage facility is attractive from a cost-savings and low management perspective, it is, unfortunately, a fantasy with about as much prac...
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