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Proven Self Storage Management is a professional self storage management company with over 30 years of experience in the self storage and property management industry. Our goal is to drive revenues at your self storage property. To do so, we help you with the following:

� Full service self storage property company

� Consulting services for the self storage industry

� Recruitment and staff development for your self storage business

� Competitive analysis - What are your competitors doing that you should be doing?

� FREE Self Storage Site Evaluation - Mystery Shopper programs

� Feasibility studies, Due diligence services

� Acquisitions, mergers

� Construction/development of self storage properties

� Operation expertise for the self storage industry

� Joint ventures

Our teams of seasoned experts all have extensive multi-unit operations experience in self-storage management, property management companies and other demanding retail environments for Fortune 500 corporations. With this extensive knowledge and training, we have learned how to provide results and positively impact your self storage facility, without the corporate bureaucracy and red tape that often limits growth and adds frustration to the mix.

Our belief is simple - "If it needs to be fixed, fix it, and everything is fixable." Proven Self Storage Management provides ownership of a self storage facility without the management responsibilities and hurdles. We have extensive experience in day to day operations, revenue management (including pricing, discounts and tenant rate increases), customer service and problem resolution, all phases of human resources including recruitment, training and retention of employees, marketing and image improvement.

We specialize in self storage management. We are so confident that we can impact your facility in a positive fashion, that we offer a FREE, unbiased, one time evaluation of your facility and staff. Proven Self Storage Management will perform a "mystery shop" site evaluation at no charge to provide you with a snap shot of how your storage facility is performing.

Proven Self Storage Management, unlike other self storage consulting companies, does not require lengthy contract terms or expensive opt outs. If we haven't proven ourselves, than we don't deserve your business.

Our goal is to provide you with the third party management services that your investment deserves. Proven Self Storage Management's mission is clear:

*****Drive revenues at your self-storage facility by fixing the fixable and using all the tools available to be successful together*****

For more information, please call Garry Merritt at 201-873-2183. We look forward to speaking with you. http://www.SelfStorageManagement.org