Let's uncover the reasons why self-storage is the real estate sector's best-kept secret.

  1. Steady Growth Amidst Real Estate Cycles
    While traditional real estate sectors can be cyclical, self-storage has shown consistent growth. According to a report by IBISWorld, the self-storage industry has grown at an average annual rate of 3.8% over the past five years, outpacing many other real estate segments.
  2. Resilience in Economic Downturns
    Historical data has consistently shown that self-storage facilities remain stable, even during economic recessions. Their counter-cyclical nature ensures steady demand, regardless of broader economic conditions.
  3. Low Overhead, High Returns
    Self-storage facilities typically operate with a lean model. With minimal staff and maintenance requirements, they boast an operational expense ratio of just 25%-40%. This efficiency translates to higher profit margins for investors.
  4. Flexibility and Adaptability
    The inherent design of self-storage facilities allows for easy adaptability. Whether there's a need to adjust unit sizes or repurpose spaces, these facilities can quickly pivot to meet market demands.
  5. Diverse Clientele Base
    From homeowners undergoing renovations to businesses needing extra inventory space, the clientele for self-storage is vast and varied. This diversity ensures a consistent flow of renters and revenue.
  6. The Digital Advantage
    The rise of digital platforms has revolutionized the self-storage industry. Online bookings, virtual tours, and digital payment systems have made it easier for facilities to attract and retain customers, further enhancing profitability.
  7. A Fragmented Market Ready for Consolidation
    A significant portion of the self-storage market is still dominated by smaller, independent operators. This fragmentation presents a golden opportunity for investors and larger entities to consolidate and optimize assets.
  8. The Urbanization Factor
    As urban areas become more densely populated, space becomes a premium. The demand for self-storage solutions in urban and suburban areas is set to rise, driven by the increasing need for additional space among city dwellers.


The self-storage sector is often overshadowed by its more glamorous real estate counterparts.  Its consistent growth, resilience, and adaptability make it a lucrative investment avenue.

For discerning investors, the secret is out: Self-storage is not just a niche segment; it's a powerhouse in the real estate sector. 

By Jeremiah Boucher

Jeremiah Boucher, a self-storage industry expert, has rapidly built an impressive 1.5 million square foot portfolio consisting of 61 properties in just 7 years. Specializing in suburban and exurban properties, he has successfully navigated the market by purchasing directly from original mom-and-pop owners. Jeremiah provides valuable insights, lessons learned, and strategies for finding and financing deals, providing invaluable guidance for those interested in exploring the lucrative self-storage sector.